Latest Onco Therapy for all types of Cancer now available in Kalyan City

Latest Onco Therapy for all types of Cancer now available in Kalyan City

Latest Onco Therapy for Cancer (all types) like Tata Cancer Hospital now available in Kalyan city.

We all know Tata Hospital in Mumbai which treats cancer patients. But now the treatment of cancer patients on the lines of this hospital is now also available in Kalyan. Cancer and hematologist Dr. Amit Ghanekar has been successfully treating patients for the past eight years through Ghanekar Chemo-Day Care Center.
What exactly is chemotherapy treatment for Cancer?

Chemotherapy is a type of jhal chemicals. While hitting the cancer cells, it also affects the good cells in our body (side effects of chemotherapy). Chemotherapy is a broad spectrum and is different for each patient. Depending on the needs of the patient, it is sometimes used in a single dose and sometimes in combination of different doses. Chemotherapy depends on the age of the patient, the type of cancer, how far it has spread, the physical ability of the patient, etc. Chemotherapy is treated keeping in mind its benefits and effects in the body. Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells in the body and if it is not treated properly on time, there is a possibility that the patient’s life may be in danger, Dr. Amit Ghanekar expressed.

What are other treatments besides Chemotherapy?

Due to the research done in the past decade in the field of medicine, we are now able to treat cancer much better than conventional methods. In which immuno therapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and oral TKIS, along with important treatments, various methods are developing rapidly in the medical field. Compared to conventional chemotherapy, this treatment is very effective and has very few side effects. Although the side effects of these treatment methods are less, we can predict them before treatment. When considering the results, these new methods are more effective and efficient than chemo therapy. Therefore, treating all these new methods at the right time is the most important for cancer patients, Dr. Ghanekar explained.

What exactly is a day care chemo therapy center for cancer? What is the benefit to the patient?
We have taken the concept of day care for cancer treatment from developed countries. A cancer diagnosis is a very shocking thing not only for the person but also for the entire family. Chemotherapy is a medical procedure used to treat cancer. But the treatment done through day care center helps the patient and his relatives a lot in saving time, cost and mainly mental suffering. And with a positive mindset they face all this process. Our doctors and all other staff are very well trained and the medical equipment and materials required for chemo therapy are also of the highest quality, Dr. Ghanekar said.

What are the benefits of your chemotherapy and scalp cooling machine?

Our day care center has two important state-of-the-art cancer treatment machines. The first of these machines is the Laminal Flow Chemo Therapy Device, which is used to make chemotherapy drugs. Through which this machine plays a major role in making the chemotherapy drug for the cancer patient very pure and effective. So the second machine is a machine called scalp cooling. Hair loss is inevitable in patients undergoing chemotherapy. But due to this hair loss, a kind of inferiority complex is created in the patients. Many people refuse chemo therapy because of hair loss. Dr. also believes that this scalp cooling machine will definitely be a boon for such patients. Dr. Amit Ghanekar expressed on this occasion.

What are the non-cancerous blood diseases treated by us?

Not all blood disorders are cancers. It has often been observed that these blood disorders are not even simple anemias. Many people need blood transfusions, some have low platelets that make them unable to perform surgery. Some people have very high white blood cells, while others have completely impaired CBC. Therefore, non-cancerous blood disorders need to be checked and treated on time. Because those blood disorders can be cured by treating them at the right time. In such cases, we usually recommend a bone marrow examination. Dr. Bone Marrow is a monkey bone needle that helps us to diagnose it quickly after doing certain tests. Dr. Amit Ghanekar said on this occasion.

Dr. Ghanekarr’s Chemo Day Care Centre,

A-205, Desai Complex, Above Yewle Tea,
Bullock Bazar Chowk, Kalyan – W.
Mobile – 9920018399

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